“Where, what, and who we are are never certain.  We delve deep into an endless void seeking something, but never nothing.  No destination, but journey everlasting.  But when balance becomes tilted, and light becomes darkness, and progress becomes decay, then the journey becomes a destination, and everything becomes nothing.  I feel the beginning to this is our end.” 
- One day before Alui Valum’s death APF 1372

Synopsis Edit

The player is brought into the world 1,372 years after the Prolonged Fear, and a great scientist created The Tear, the first tear and ripple in time and space that leads “outside” reality.  From The Tear leads to the creation of Sentience and the ISI.  But when a Beta sentient goes rogue, the first emergence of the Alpha sentients begin, and the whole world is thrown into chaos.  The player must choose carefully how he will make his mark on the world, and what he can contribute to save the world from this deadly threat on the very fabrics of reality and existence. 

Introduction Edit

1,372 years after The Prolonged Fear, Dr. Alui Valum passes at his ocean front estate, Standing Stone, a few miles from Agra, the capital city of June, Valum’s country.  Valum founded a scientific philosophy and community, that sought to mend the very essence of particles and physical construction. After decades of research, Valum claimed to find record breaking data and abilities that could greatly shift the tides of history.  Valum found evidence to explain the universe’s exterior structure, and broke through the dimensional constraints of the universe.  The break he formed was called The Tear.  Valum recorded essence that could be extracted from The Tear.  He formed energy capabilities theories for The Tear’s essence, and transmuted the essence to an energy conduit.  The conduit couldn’t handle the immense power and caused a mass energy shortage and blast throughout the entire city of Agra.  But from the blast, joined together by the metal and energy debris, and the essences of The Tear formed a mechanism.  The mechanism resembled an octopus, with radiating fused gold metal as a head, and 8 floating glowing arms.  Valum was baffled, along with the rest of the city.  

The object never moved or interacted for two years, as Valum investigated diligently to discover its abilities and function.  Throughout all his research, Valum concluded that the object was a sentient bionic being capable of limitless power and control over the physicality of the universe.  He theorized that the level and strength of control this being possesses depends upon the level of sentience allowed.  Throughout careful work and investigation, Valum, along with his assistant Rem Afwalla and his partner Sophia Valum, developed The Beta Lexicon.  The Beta Lexicon is an incredibly encrypted device that allows to program the bionic being to perform a restricted level of sentience and function.  Once programmed, the bionic being became functional.   

Valum called this bionic being a Sentience.  The Sentience was named Beta Alpha, which soon meant the The First of the Elite Sentience.  Valum further investigated Beta Alpha and The Tear with his colleagues, and many outsiders took an interest in Beta Alpha’s abilities.  A breach in Valum’s research division led an Agran business magnate, named Nokal Lavine to obtain all of Valum’s research on Beta Alpha and The Tear.  From the information, Nokal found information on how to create more Sentience from The Beta Lexicon, Beta Alpha, and The Tear.  

Through diplomatic play and an extreme persuasion,  Nokal obtained Valum’s research complex, fired Valum, and employed Dr. Frehi Ugstan, a March scientist, to oversee the Sentience research.  Valum became paranoid, as Ugstan did not understand the overwhelming power Beta Alpha could unleash upon Agra, June, and all of the world.  Valum attempted to destroy Nokal’s plans to create more Sentience, but to no prevail.  Along with Valum’s research complex, The Beta Lexicon, Beta Alpha, and information on The Tear, Nokal and Ugstan constructed The Dianimus.   

The Dianimus was a massive machine and structure built encompassing the Tear to reproduce Sentiences.  The machine combined The Tear’s essence and rare volcanic heat-induced alloy in a process functioned and manifested from Beta Alpha.  Once a dormant Sentience is created, Valum’s Beta Lexicon was used to implant a function and level of sentience the Sentience would posses.  In time, Nokal and Ugstan’s Sentiences were performing functions across the world, utilizing the functionality of each Sentience to a certain degree.  Their success led to the formulation of The ISI, or the Integrated Sentience Initiative.  Agra, along with all of June, became a beacon of progress, science, and sustainability for the future of Earth.   

But how will this new scientific renaissance truly effect every corner of the world?  Will it create conflict?  And if conflict manifest, who will be there to stop it? And what if unlimited power gets in the wrong hands? Who will bend the balance of good and evil and insure peace? Or who will not?  

Geography Edit

The Sentience Chronicles I: Rogue takes place in the city of Agra and the city's outside borders in the nation of June on planet Earth.

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