March is one of the seven nations (excluding the free land of December) on the planet Earth, and following The Expanse, its planetary allies. March was a leading nation in industry and technological progress, and aided in many worldwide conflicts. March is a location that appears in The Sentience Chronicles, though does not have any direct focus throughout the series. The capital of March is Kostake. Along with the other seven nations, March perished during The Confession near 1548 APF.


Geography Edit

Because of Earth's biodiversity, March has a various ecosystem. To the west March has scorching and hot deserts, while in the east March has tropical and forested regions. March is bordered by four other nations, which made March a pivotal mercantile nation. To the west, March touches the June Sea, and to the south December's Folly.

March's urban environment has adopted a strict and comprehensive ecosystem control to create suitable environments for its residents.

Main Cities Edit

March has a vast amount of cities, but it has 9 central cities that are economics and industrial hubs for the nation:

  • Bestos
March 1372

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