June was one of the seven nations (excluding the free land of December) on the planet Earth, and following The Expanse, its planetary allies. June was an exceptional seat of economy, power, and progress for Earthen nations, and was the founding nation of the ISI. June is a recurring location in The Sentience Chronicles and many events happen in June. The capital city of June is Agra. Along with the other seven nation, June perished during The Confession near 1548 APF.


Geography Edit

Because of Earth's biodiversity, June's geography varies by location. In the north, June exhibits a cold and heavily forested environment. In the south, June exhibits a warm and tropical environment. In the center, June has long plains and mountain ranges.

In the urban environments, June has developed an improved sense environment control, and fluctuates with direction.

Main Cities Edit

June has many cities, but it has 9 central cities that are economic and cultural hubs for the June nation:

  • Supum - A cold, dark, but industrious city whose main exports are oil and fishing.
  • Vahil - A rainy but vibrant metropolis that dominates maritime trade in the June Ocean.
  • Rak'mun - A foresting tech and highly intelligent city. Also is the headquarters of the June Army.
  • Kolar - A hydroelectric and shipping tech city that has also become notable for its integrated culture.
  • Miamose - An oil and fishing industry city that is infamous for its kingpin problem.
  • Agra - The capital of June and central hub for academics and technological progress.
  • New Amsterin - A retreat destination known for its farming technology and peaceful culture.
  • Trop Eena - A tropical metropolis known for its farming technology and integrated system trading in the May Ocean. The city also has a vibrant and upbeat culture.
  • Centrol is the center of the June nation and is the expert on worldwide transportation and movement technology. The markets and economy in Centrol is pivotal to the Earthen economy.

Exterior Planets Edit

During The Expanse, the June nation came into control of part of other planets across the Earthen System:

  • Aurora - A planet similar to Earth that mimics a tropical and heavily forested ecosystem.
  • Amante - A planet resemblant of an asteroid with high deposits of metals and a breathable atmosphere.
  • Zostrakis - A volcanic planet with intense and hybrid vegetation.
  • Gah'Mow - An island fragmented planet with lushes plains.
  • Fertigipni - A swamp planet with hollow caves in its interior.
  • Asterian - An asteroid resemblant planet with five asteroid belts orbiting it.
  • Da'Johm - A tropical planet with monolithic waterfalls and scaling mountains

History Edit

June was one of the nations created immediately following the Prolonged Fear, once stability and reconstruction plans were put in play. June has a delicate history with various forms of internal and external conflict, but has greatly improved and sustained itself for almost a millennia and a half.

In 1372 APF, The Alpha Crisis started in June's capital, and eventually its ending was in June also. The crisis led to the mass deformation and destruction of the ISI, slowing down June's academic advancement, and Earthen, footing.

During the October Wars, June's Army greatly contributed to the eradication of Kubak's dictatorship, and helped with the nation's rehabilitation process and further eradication and cleansing of The Tear's fragmentations.

In 1465 APF, June, along with May and March, achieved inter-system galactic space travel, and helped spark The Expanse, leading to the June nation expanding passed its Earthen settlements.

Two years before The Confession, the June nation helped bridge back communication and reality between planets when a mass disturbance of The Tear compounded across the Earthen System.

In 1547 APF, the Earthen System experienced The Confession. Although all known Earthen System nations pooled all resources to fix the Tear's effect, the infection spread and caused mass paranoia and insanity as reality mixed with impossibility. The Confession lasted decades and eventually dismantled and annihilated the June nation.

Lifestyle Edit

Juneish people generally lead a productive, yet fun and interacting, life. Many other nations consider June to be the closest nation to achieve a desired utopia. Juneish people enjoy everything from hard manual labor to the delicate walks through botanical gardens. Juneish people are generally happy and content with the condition of the nation.

Unlike other nations, Juneish people do not approve of any degree of immigration, and take extensive work to abolish any immigration into the country. Many non-pure Juneish residents are exiled out of the nation or sent into ghettos. Many non-pure Juneish residents are exiled to December. However, Juneish people do have an affinity for Mayans, Marchans, and Augustans. Juneish people exceptionally despise any Octoberans, and greatly seek to embargo their nation.

Notable People Edit

Below are a list of notable Juneish people:

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