Dr. Alui Valum (Valum for short) was a Juneish researcher, philosopher, and physicist. He was the creator of The Tear and The Beta Lexicon, was the founder for Sentience research and development project in Agra, and indirectly contributed to the creation of The Dianimus. Valum died immediately before The Alpha Crisis.

Life and Career Edit

In 1309 APF, Valum was born from pure Juneish descent in the coastal city of New Amsterin. Valum grew up in New Amsterin before moving to Agra for school at the Agra Academy. There he became fascinated with physics and quantum dynamics. He met his wife Sophia and best friend Rem in one of his classes. In an Agra Academy research lab he created The Tear, and with it The Beta Lexicon to minimize the potential of Beta Alpha. Valum was fired from the Academy's research division once taken over by Nokal's corporation. Valum spent the remainder of his life keeping research unknown to Nokal a secret, while employing his daughter Sahima to infiltrate Nokal's operations. On 1372 APF at Standing Stone, Valum died from mental deterioration inflicted from The Tear's fragmentation.

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